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Sony Tv's New Show : Bhoot Aya

On October 9, 2013, 7:24

Paranormal activity has always intrigued the human mind. It's always considered mystic but is that to say that there can't be any scientific explanation behind it?

Also, doesn't the fear factor increase knowing when it's a true story? ‘Bhoot Aaya’ is Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering, which attempts to explore the unexplained forces of the dark world and their encounters with humans. Produced by Akashdeep Sabir and Sheeba’s Cinetek Telefilms Pvt. Ltd, the show will depict real life, spine chilling experiences of ordinary people.

We spoke to Akashdeep Sabir, the Creative Director, Cinetek Telefilms Pvt Limited about their latest offering.

Q. Why Bhoot Aya?
a. Bhoot Aya comes with an agenda of sorts. It's an attempt to demystify the paranormal or the unexplainable. The point is to showcase that it's not an 'other', it's as real as anything else. We are sharing a series of real life events that have happened to real people.

Q. You think the 'real stories, real people' hook is the essential pull towards your show?
a. It is a major factor, yes. It explains that which haunts everyone. It is a series which captures extraordinary events that happened to expremely ordinary people.

Q. Do you see horror as a successful genre on the Indian tube?
a. Yes definitely! I agree that horror shows have been less in number in comparison to other restricted genres but having said that, each time a horror show has made an appearance on the screen, it has found its dedicated audience. So we have all put in our best, the channel is great and we know the final product has been what we wanted it to be,

Q. You speak about demystifying the paranormal. How do you intend to do that exactly?
a. Firstly, there is re-enactment of the real life event or story we are dealing with in each episode. Further, the fact that it's also a science of sorts will be discussed. For that, each episode will also introduce experts from the Indian Paranormal Society of India and other pertinent fields, who will be sharing their opinion on these encounters. Their findings will be revealed as a compelling conclusion of each episode.

Q. So are you looking to convince people into believing in the existence of ghosts?
a, No that's for the audience to decide. That's what we are looking to do, Show these extremely gripping stories that have happened so close to home and then make up their own mind. I think one need not accept the existence, however, one should at least acknowledge that it might be true. Who knows?

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