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Saraswatichandra, 11th March episode story - Saraswatichandra and Kumud share a love-hate relationship

On March 8, 2013, 13:07

Saraswati Chandra already is in Ratnanagri decides to stay back & does not tell VidyaChatur of his rejection for marriage due to VidyaChatur’s accident. During his stay , Kumud and he share many love-hate moments. Each tries to outplay the other in trying to prove their point, showcasing their contrasting personalities. During one of these moments , Saraswati Chandra comes to know that Kumud has taken a vow of not showing her face to him because he had rejected her without even seeing her. In the backdrop of preparations for Uttarayan, we see Kumud and SaraswatiChandra as partners during kite flying on the festive occasion. Saraswati Chandra takes a vow that he shall see her face on the day of Uttarayan.

Monday, 11th March  – SaraswatiChandra is angry with Kumud for thinking he’s selfish, will he leave the house without meeting her?

Tuesday, 12th March – Gun urges Kumud to thank SaraswatiChandra for being considerate enough of her father’s health & staying back. Kumud tries to thank SaraswatiChandra by doing special things for him whereas SaraswatiChandra realizes Kumud has sworn never to show his face.

Wednesday, 13th March –The festivities for Uttarayan begin. Kumud is given the task to teach SaraswatiChandra kite flying. SaraswatiChandra challenges Kumud that whatever she does to hide her face from him , he will see her face.

Thursday, 14th March - It's the day of Uttarayan. SaraswatiChandra and Kumud are a team competing in the kite flying competition. On the terrace Kumud is a little distracted when her entire family is praising SaraswatiChandra for his kite flying skills and her kite gets cut by a rival, She runs behind the kite, SaraswatiChandra following her all the way to a pond… Will SaraswatiChandra see Kumud’s face today? 

Friday, 15th March : Angry at losing Kumud decides to pull a prank on SaraswatiChandra by sending him inside a cold pond to fetch her kite… This brings back the demons from SaraswatiChnadra’s past.

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