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Amita Ka Amit New Show On Sony Tv.

On January 3, 2013, 7:25

The year 2012 witnessed low tolerance both by the viewers as well as broadcasters for bad story-telling; hence television channels were quick to replace the low tvr shows. Sony is all set to launch the new show Amita Ka Amit which will replace Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage in the 8.30pm time band. This new show is about a young ambitious girl Amita Patel who belongs to a gujrati family. Amita, a 22 year arts graduate dreams big about her to-be husband. On the other hand there is Amit Shah, a young vibrant 24 year old boy who works as a stock broker. Amit too has huge expectations from life and he too dreams of having a perfect wife for himself. The Shahs and Patels come together and agree to marry Amita with Amit. So what happens when too big dreamers come together? Sounds like an interesting story? What say?

In the meanwhile this is what the promos of the show say; Amita is watching tv and dreams of having a sweet romantic married life. However, reality seems to be different from her imagination and then comes a tacky warning sign that says filmy families are different from real life families.

The other promo shows Amita dreaming of a romantic, happy life partner, while in reality her life partner seems to be too reserved and different from the one she had dreamed of.

And it all ends with the line “phir bhi zindagi khoobsurat hai”(…yet life is beautiful)!

So let’s wait and watch how the story unfolds.

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