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EK VEER KI ARDAAS : VEERA on air on 29th October 2012 at 10.30 pm

On October 26, 2012, 11:26

The promos of the new show on Star Plus titled, ‘Veera’ has hit the small screen since quite some time. Veera will be replacing Pratigya and will occupy the 10.30 pm slot on the channel.
    Veera is a story of complex human relationships narrated through a loving brother Ranvijay, who becomes a motherly figure for his sister. ‘Veera’ is a heartfelt story of a brother and sister bond that will give viewers hope and will highlight the importance of nurturing old bonds with their siblings. The relationship between siblings is unique and has a special place in our lives.
Veera will be on air on 29th October 2012; here is the story of Veera-
        Ranvi is the son of Sarpanch of the village - Sampooran Singh. He is a lonely kid… finds out one day about Rakhi and decides that he wants a sister. His parents Sampooran and Ratan are pained to see him pine for a sibling as they have been trying for another kid for a long time. His best friend Dalbeer tells him; his parents brought his sister from the dispensary. Ranvi waits outside the dispensary and finally, he steals a kid from the dispensary thinking it’s his turn to get a sister. The parents of the stolen baby reach Sampooran’s house to get justice… as they think the doctor runs a racket of stealing kids from the hospital… here they find out that the stolen kid is in the sarpanch’s house… a big chaos ensues when Ranvi says this is my sister not their child.
       Finally chaiji intervenes and solves the matter by asking Sampooran and Ratan to have a second child. In a chat thereafter Ratan opens her heart out to chaiji and tells her about the miscarriages. With a failed attempt to get a sister from dispensary… Ranvi writes a letter to Rabji…asking for a sister. God listens to Ranvi and on one side his letters reaches the Granthi in Gurudwara..and on the other we see Ratan gets pregnant. We have seen a really happy family on one side. While on the other hand we see a woman with a new born child… who is shunned by her own parents when she asks them to give shelter to the baby? They call her manhoos. And she is left alone in the world to take care of the baby. This woman is Amrita and she decides to take the bus to preetampura, Sampooran’s village. While having a happy family dinner with Kartaar (sampooran’s best friend) on the topic of never hiding anything from one’s wife. Sampooran gets flashes of sleeping with another woman (Amrita). Sampooran wants to tell Ratan about her at night when they are interrupted by Ranvi.  Ranvi keeps following up on his letter to god. and goes to gurudwara where the Granthi tells him that, “Rabji ne uski sun li hai. jaldi hi behen aayegi.” He goes home and his mother tells him the same. He runs in the whole village saying ‘meri behen aane wali hai’. We see Amrita landing in the village. She is carrying the baby and asking for Sarpanch’s house. Here Chaiji and other ladies come to celebrate Ratan’s godbharai. While sampooran is buying a new dress for her as he is feeling guilty of his infidelity. We see amrita reaches Sampooran’s house and faints.
Enjoy Veera with your loving siblings on 29th October 2012, at 10.30 pm only on Star Plus.

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