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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Sati is lying in Shiva's arms! (06-02-2012)

On February 6, 2012, 8:06

Sati takes the rudraksh left behind in Dadhichi’s ashram. Bramha tells Shiva to accept Sati as she is a part of him. Sati is getting ready for the dance competition. She confesses to Madinike that she has realised that she is a part of Shiva and no one can stop her now. She would tell everyone that she loves Shiva through her dance. Madinike realizes that her love is greater than she had imagined. She assures her that her love will take her to Shiva. They see a shadow outside.


The shadow is of Prasuti who overhears the conversation. She blames Madinike for Sati's condition. Sati sees Ardhanarishwar dancing in the mirror. She starts dancing on the stage. There is a thaal full of gulaal which create a pattern of colours as Sati dances on them.


Shiva joins her in her dance. Daksh arrives and is furious to see all this. Just then Shiva disappears and Sati faints dancing.


To everyone's surprise, Sati has created a huge image of Shiva with her footsteps and has fallen on it as if she is lying in Shiva's arms.

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