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Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev: Sati is besotted by Mahadev (19-01-2012)

On January 19, 2012, 7:21

Sati is hassled and lost. She sees Vritrasur in the form of the cloud who swirls like a tornado moving around her. She is scared when suddenly Shiva’s trishul comes flying in the air. The cloud comes over Daksh’s palace as well.


Prasuti and everyone around is worried. Shiva protects Sati from Vritrasur. He caresses her and the for the first he touches her. Sati is mesmerized and just looks at him in awe. Madinike finally finds Sati after the fog has receded. Sati is lost and is not the same as she was before.

Tonight, Madinike is relieved to find Sati safe. Dadhichi is also relieved that the danger has passed when the clouds go away. Everyone is happy to see Madinike and Sati back. They start preparing for the beauty competition.


Shukracharya is angry seeing Shiva defeating Vritrasur. He plans to start a war against the devtas. Sati sees a trishul mark on her body. She is totally besotted by Mahadev and has given her up to Shiva.

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