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DID3: Will Terence's assistant Neerav make it to Top 18?

On January 9, 2012, 11:50

The shock on Terence Lewis’ face was a sight to behold when he saw Neerav Bavlecha walk on stage to audition for the current season of Dance India Dance. Neerav has been Terence’s dance assistant for the past five years and has trained contestants in the previous two seasons of DID. It was quite apparent that Terence did not know about Neerav’s plan to take part in the competition. When Remo D’Souza asked him why he did not take part in the earlier two seasons, Neerav started crying inconsolably and said, “It was not that I did not want to take part in the competition but two years ago, my family was completely dependent on me financially and I could not afford to be away from home for a six months gap. Now I have reached that stage where I can showcase my dancing skills on a global platform and at the same time fend for my family comfortably!”

At the mega auditions, the moment Dada saw Neerav walking in, even he was pleasantly surprised. He looked at both Terence and Neerav with a smile and gave a nod of appreciation and asked him to begin his performance.

Neerav has trained scores of contestants in the past including Shakti Mohan, the winnerof DID 2. Neerav’s rock solid foundation in contemporary dance infused with his own flair on freestyle moves helped him give yet another rocking performance at the Mega Auditions. Neerav was very apprehensive about the results and said, “I have been a trainer and can judge the potential of a good dancer within seconds. Here every dancer is extremely talented which takes the level of competition to a different high. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.”

"It takes courage to be on the other side of the fence. Neerav has been an excellent trainer but whether he will weave magic on stage as a dancer is something only time can tell,” said Dada.


Will Neerav’s background as a trainer and his association with Master Terence give him an advantage over others? Will he make it to the Top 18? Most importantly will Terence Lewis be biased towards his assistant’s selection?

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