Rishtey 4 January, Episode 142 - 44:28

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Short Stories

`Aank Maicholi is a story about two paying guests who are unaware that they are staying in the same room. Anu (Shwetra Kavatra) and Rohan Pandey (Kumud Mishra) work in the same office but Anu works in the day, while Rohan works at night. So their greedy landlord rents the room to them according to their timings when one doesn t come face to face with the other. Anu and Rohan gradually fall in love with each other at their work place. Anu gets a letter from a father regarding a marriage proposal. At the same time, Rohan too gets a letter from his father about an alliance. Rohan is elated when he realizes that the girl his father has chosen is none other than Anu herself. But the story takes a twist, when Rohan s father calls him saying that he wants to cancel Anu s alliance since he has found out that Anu is living with a man. Rohan is shocked and confronts Anu. Anu is equally shocked to hear this rumor. Will Anu and Rohan be able to unite?

Rishtey mirrors life and brings to the forefront, various nuances of human
relationships. Each episode delves into the intricate lives of the characters,
their circumstances and their deepest emotions in a manner that will touch your

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