Rishtey 17 June, Episode 165 - 42:24

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Short Stories

Maa is about Shikha, a stepmother who is trying her best to be a good mother to Rachna and Suraj. But their biological mother, Anjali, (Mandeep) a divorcee, tries to brainwash the kids against Shikha. Shikha takes great care and pleases the kids in every possible way. However, whenever the kids go to spend their weekend with Anjali, their attitude changes. Shikha feels dejected, so her husband (Sudhir Mitoo) consoles her not to lose courage. Meanwhile, Anjali s conscience tells her that she s a loser and an unfit mother. What decision will Anjali finally take?

Rishtey mirrors life and brings to the forefront, various nuances of human
relationships. Each episode delves into the intricate lives of the characters,
their circumstances and their deepest emotions in a manner that will touch your

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