Choti Bahu 2010 6 September, Episode 140 - 22:01

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Romantic Drama

Dev and Radhika, who are still unaware of Barkha's plan, happily get ready for the ritual of 'Moo Dikhai', a post-nuptial ceremony in which the bride's face is shown to the groom's family for the first time. Little do they know that their happiness will soon fade away. Everyone in the Purohit family is shocked when they come to know that Dev has married Radhika, not Barkha. Dev and Radhika are confused to see their reaction. Raj Purohit is taken aback and confronts Dev and Radhika. He accuses them of breaching his trust and confidence. Dev tries to explain to Raj Purohit that they were under the impression that he had approved their alliance. He tells everything what Barkha had told him, but Raj Purohit does not believe him.

Choti Bahu is the love saga of two soul mates Dev and Radhika.

Radhika, a Brahmin by birth, was adopted and brought up by a family of weavers in a small town called Rawal. Dev, whose family has been in the service of Rajpurohits for generations, visits Rawal as a child on the occasion of Radhashtami. Dev and Radhika meet each other and become good friends. Radhika and Dev's families tie them in the bond of marriage in their tender age.

Maheshwari (played by Pragati Mehra), the eldest bahu of the Purohits, hopes to inherit Dadaji's property. However, her plans hit a snag when Maheshwari realizes that Dadji has willed all his property is in the name of Choti Bahu.

Undeterred, Maheshwari decides to find a docile girl for Rohan (played by Apurva Agnihotri). Maheshwari plans to own the property by controlling and manipulating the Choti Bahu and to this end chooses Radhika for Rohan. Destiny brings Dev and Radhika together after 15 years, when he returns to Rawal after 15 years to find out about Radhika, Rohan's bride.

Will Dev recognize Radhika? Will Radhika marry Dev or Rohan? Will Radhika become the Choti Bahu of Purohit House?

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