Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani 6 January, Episode 663 - 21:33

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Romantic Drama

Saurabh asks Abhimanyu to go away and warns him that he won t let him hurt Simran anymore. Abhimanyu tells Yash how nobody wants him to meet Simran, so Yash asks him to divorce her. Abhimanyu slaps Yash. Abhimanyu catches Shankar red-handed stalking him. He tells Abhimanyu that Yash and Kiran are together. Saurabh tells Simran that Abhimanyu is meeting Kiran, and how Yash and Kiran are together. An upset Simran tells Saurabh that she trusts Abhimanyu fully. Yash decides to leave, so Kiran convinces him to stay back. Abhimanyu visits Kiran and scolds her for being a selfish and manipulative woman. A shocked Yash comes out of the room and asks Kiran to tell Abhimanyu that he is her son. Kiran tells Abhimanyu that Yash is his son as well.

Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani is about the unconventional story of Dr. Simran Mathur (Niki Aneja Walia), a gynaecologist who marries a boy Abhimanyu (Varun Badola), ten years younger to her. And thus unfolds a series of drama and melodrama as the parents of the couple refuse to accept them. Will Simran and Abhimanyu's love rise above the taunts and jeers thrown at them by everyone around? Or will their love crumble and eventually succumb to familial and societal pressure?

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