Sati 8 March, Episode 536 - 22:21

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Romantic Drama

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The story dates back to the time when India was almost at the doorstep of independence, the last national movement, Quit India movement was on Aditya Roychoudhury, 
the Zamindar of Debipur wanted to rule the people.But the biggest threat to him was his daughter, who was his only weakness in the world. When he got to know that 
his daughter has fallen in love with Shomnath, the adopted son of a poor priest, Aditya could not take it. He wanted to destroy their love.
Sati and Shomnath had to sacrifice their lives for the sake of love.
One lifetime is just too less for love of such magnitude.
Thus Sati and Shomnath are reborn in 2012. The evil too is reborn. Everything has to come back to where it started from, to determine a new end, a new beginning. 
The evil this time, born in form of Bhaskar Choudhury, is even stronger. He is the only one who fully remembers the past life and has devised a dangerous game that 
Sati and Shomnath has to foil even in this age. But there's a catch. Bhaskar Choudhury is this time the hero's well wisher. And it's a task for Sati to convince Shomnath 
that Bhaskar is the real evil and remind Shomnath of the past. Sati and Shomnath's story draws many parallels with the story of Shiv and Sati, which is arguably the first
instance of classic reincarnation love story - the love story of a princess and a subaltern hero. When proud Daksha Raj tried to destroy their love, his pride was destroyed. 
Sati sacrificed her life in the fire of her father Daksha's yagna, to defend her life. Her love was so strong that she was reborn as Parvati and she got back Shiva, the love of her life. 
This story is ageless. We have made an attempt to retell the story of Shiv and Sati of various ages.

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