Kasamh Se 26 August, Episode 198 - 22:03

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Romantic Drama

Bani and Rano go back to collect the shopping bags. Jai and Pia talk and Jai tells her to think about Bani, Pia tells that her life has changes with the Dubai incident and gets furious. Rano over hears the conversation. Jigyasa see Rano and Rashi together and creates rift between them. Sahil reflects on Jigyasa and Aditya's word about giving credit to Rano and he gets irritate. Pia is thinking about her past and her friend's word and she is unable to control herself and try to commit suicide. Jai rushes and saves her. Bani comes and see them, she tells even though she is upset how can she think of committing suicide and feel content about Jai's concern for Pia. Pushkar decides to purchase a flat for Pia and he receives a invitation from Jai for a card party. Bani learns about Jai giving gift to everyone, Jai gifts a laptop to Rano and Sahil gets furious. Bani get a diamond set which she gives to Pia, but she refuses.

Set in Mt.Abu, this saga revolves round the relationship between a father Nishikant Dixit (Manoj Joshi) with his three daughters Bani (Prachi Desai), Piya (Roshni Chopra) & Rano (Arunima Sharma). Nishikant is a broken man following his wife’s death & hits the bottle hard sinking into debts mainly from Mohan Khandelwal (Kamal Sadanah). Bani, assumes control by taking up a job at a hotel discontinuing her studies. Nishikant passes away deeply in debt but leaves a letter behind for Bani where he asks her to contact Jai Walia (Ram Kapoor) based in Mumbai for help. Left with no choice, all three sisters venture forth to Mumbai.
Jai Walia is a well-known industrialist heading The Walia Group & he not only puts them up at his Outhouse but also provides a job to Bani as a waitress in his hotel. Bani befriends Pushkar (Naman Shaw). With the passage of time, Bani develops a soft corner for Pushkar that catches Jai’s girl-friend Sonali’s (Amita Chanderkar) eye but he falls head over heels in love with Piya instead. Jai, unaware of her affair with Pushkar, proposes marriage to her at a public ceremony stunning Sonali & everybody! Piya accepts Jai’s hand gleefully for she is blinded by the power of money. Even earlier, when Mohan had proposed to Bani, she had accepted his offer that was turned down by Bani simply because he is wealthy.
But all the same she chickens out & elopes with Pushkar on the day of their marriage! Jigyasa (Ashwini Kalsekar) fools Bani in stepping into Piya’s place but once Jai discovers he is marrying Bani instead of Piya, he feels humiliated & targets Bani for torture while searching high & low for Piya & her lover little knowing it is Pushkar, an orphan he brought up. Will Bani be able to withstand Jai’s onslaught? Or does Jai succeed in taking his revenge on Piya & Pushkar?

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