Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori...Ram Milayi Jodi 26 December, Episode 158 - 20:36

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Romantic Drama

Mona warns Aanchal to stay away from Anukalp. Bharati overhears their argument. She tells them not to fight like kids. Bharati tells Mona that Aanchal is Anukalp's friend so she must have called him. Bharati also tells Aanchal to let Anukalp's wife take his responsibility. Mona prepares 'Dal Dhokli'. She decides to make Bharati taste the dish. Bharati tastes the dish and tells Mona that the dish has turned out well. Anukalp stumbles on the stairs and hurts himself. He calls out to Bharati and tells her that he is still her son. He tells her that he wanted to share his happiness about his work. Bharati replies that now she is nothing in her life and Mona is everything. Anukalp is hurt by Bharati's words. Mona tells Anukalp not to feel bad as Bharati still loves him a lot. Hetal tells Karan that he does not care for her or love her. She tells him that he was unable to give her just a necklace. Karan tells her to wait for some days. Hetal insists on having the necklace soon. Karan tries to tell her that he cannot get the required amount immediately but Hetal keeps on complaining. She tells Karan that Satnaam owns the shop and he is just a servant there. She keeps on calling him a servant. Karan tells her to shut up. Hetal threatens to leave the house. Karan gets angry and walks off. Bijal tells Aanchal to spoil all the dishes made by Mona. Kalpesh tells Anukalp that he has found a good supplier for Mona's business. Everyone waits for dinner. Aanchal is happy that she has spoiled the food. Mona serves the 'Dal Dhokli' to everyone. Bharati tells everyone that Aanchal will taste the food first as she is their guest. Mona tells Bharati that she had tasted the dish. Bijal tries to save Aanchal but Bharati stops her. Bharati tells Aanchal that she will have to finish the portion served to her. Bapuji asks Bharati what is wrong. Bharati tells him that she will tell him about it after Aanchal has eaten the dish.

Ram Milaayi Jodi is about two diverse families i.e Punjabi and Gujarati. Both families follow their own sets of strict traditions and since their cultural and religious background varies, they find it difficult to co-exist as neighbours. Initially, Mona Bedi and AnuKalp Gandhi hit it off, as great friends. Though Anukalp Gandhi is in love with her, it takes time for Mona to realise and accept her love for him, due to family pressures. Gradually an interesting and unpredictable twist in the tale, results in their 'arranged' matrimonial bond, which is skeptically accepted by their respective families.

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