Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori...Ram Milayi Jodi 10 December, Episode 323 - 20:26

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Romantic Drama

Ramya tells the Gandhi family that she will not trouble them and leaves. She stumbles on the stairs and falls while leaving. Ramya cries in pain. Mona tells Aditya that they should let Ramya stay as she seems to have sprained her ankle. Bharati tells them to let Ramya rest in Aditya's room. Ramya asks Mona to help her get her things out of her bags. Aditya tells her that she will have to leave in the morning. Mona tells Aditya not to worry as she will take care of Ramya. It is revealed that Ramya had faked her accident. She decides to take Aditya away with her. Kalpesh tells Bharati that Ramya's arrival has created a new problem for them as people will ask questions about her. He tells Bharati to send Ramya away as he is worried for Hetal. Bharati asks Sejal to stay in her room. Sejal refuses. Anukalp asks Sejal to move to Bharati's room so that Ramya can stay in her room but Bijal opposes Anukalp and takes Sejal to her room. Aditya goes to Mona who asks him about Ramya. He tells her how Ramya came into his life. Bharati overhears their conversation. Aditya tells Mona that Ramya has been with him through thick and thin. Bharati wonders how she will send Ramya away as Aditya loves her too. Aditya shares his apprehension that Ramya's presence could create more problems in their lives. Meanwhile, Ramya is angry that Aditya is ignoring her. Mona tries to wake Ramya as it is too late. Ramya tells her that she wants to sleep more. Mona tells her that she will have to come down. Mona tells Ramya to change into decent clothes. Ramya is irritated and tells Mona that she will not change. Aditya tells the family that he will send Ramya away soon. Aditya is shocked to see Ramya in her night dress. Ramya criticizes the breakfast. Mona offers to make different breakfast but Ramya leaves. Bijal taunts that Ramya is a drama queen. Kalpesh tells Bharati that Ramya should leave before Hetal's baby shower. He asks Bharati if she asked Ramya to leave. Kalpesh asks if she wants to make Ramya her daughter-in-law. Kalpesh tells her that he will not allow a girl who cannot respect her elders, marry into his family.

Ram Milaayi Jodi is about two diverse families i.e Punjabi and Gujarati. Both families follow their own sets of strict traditions and since their cultural and religious background varies, they find it difficult to co-exist as neighbours. Initially, Mona Bedi and AnuKalp Gandhi hit it off, as great friends. Though Anukalp Gandhi is in love with her, it takes time for Mona to realise and accept her love for him, due to family pressures. Gradually an interesting and unpredictable twist in the tale, results in their 'arranged' matrimonial bond, which is skeptically accepted by their respective families.

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