Choti Bahu 2010 6 September, Episode 192 - 21:29

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Romantic Drama

Viraat is very furious that they lost a golden opportunity to oust Barkha. He tells Maheshwari that she should have not supported Barkha, but Maheshwari tells Viraat that it is good for them to support Barkha. Later, Radhika suggests to Dev that they should do something to cure Barkha. Dev feels good to know that Radhika still cares for Barkha. The next day, Balram tells Padma that he knows one witch doctor, known for his rare abilities of exorcising evil spirits. Barkha gets tense and tells everyone that she does not need any sort of treatment, but no one listens to her. Maheshwari finds it a golden opportunity to get rid of Barkha as well as Radhika. Since she believes that Radhika is a ghost, she feels that the witch doctor will get rid of Radhika, and at the same time, Barkha's secret that she murdered Radhika, will also be exposed. Finally, it is decided that the witch doctor should be called and Viraat is entrusted with the job. Later, Barkha meets Maheshwari and gives her the address of a fake witch doctor. She then asks her to call Viraat and tell him to bring the fake one. Maheshwari unwillingly obliges to Barkha's orders, but the minute she leaves, Maheshwari sends a message to Viraat to bring the real witch doctor.

Choti Bahu is the love saga of two soul mates Dev and Radhika.

Radhika, a Brahmin by birth, was adopted and brought up by a family of weavers in a small town called Rawal. Dev, whose family has been in the service of Rajpurohits for generations, visits Rawal as a child on the occasion of Radhashtami. Dev and Radhika meet each other and become good friends. Radhika and Dev's families tie them in the bond of marriage in their tender age.

Maheshwari (played by Pragati Mehra), the eldest bahu of the Purohits, hopes to inherit Dadaji's property. However, her plans hit a snag when Maheshwari realizes that Dadji has willed all his property is in the name of Choti Bahu.

Undeterred, Maheshwari decides to find a docile girl for Rohan (played by Apurva Agnihotri). Maheshwari plans to own the property by controlling and manipulating the Choti Bahu and to this end chooses Radhika for Rohan. Destiny brings Dev and Radhika together after 15 years, when he returns to Rawal after 15 years to find out about Radhika, Rohan's bride.

Will Dev recognize Radhika? Will Radhika marry Dev or Rohan? Will Radhika become the Choti Bahu of Purohit House?

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