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Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo

Episode 262

Date: 2010-06-30

A villager wants Shekhar to bring the legal papers of the land deal and burn them. Shekhar assures of his support. Laali eagerly awaits Shekhar's retu...


Episode 261

Date: 2010-06-29

Laali gives birth to a baby boy. Loha Singh is in seventh heaven after hearing the news. The villagers get angry at Shekhar as they believe that he is...


Episode 260

Date: 2010-06-28

Laali is shocked to know that her parents' village has been set on fire. Laali urges Shekhar to rush to the village. After Shekhar leaves, Laali start...


Episode 259

Date: 2010-06-24

Shekhar asks Laali not to worry as Loha keeps on creating trouble. Laali starts having labor pains. Shekhar, Loha Singh and the whole family rush to h...


Episode 258

Date: 2010-06-23

Shekhar orders Loha Singh to stop forcing the villagers to vacate the village. However, Loha is adamant and warns the villagers that they will be move...


Episode 257

Date: 2010-06-22

Shekhar tells Loha that he does not care about the society. Loha dances at the function. Loha meets the people of Ultra Steel Industries. They want to...


Episode 256

Date: 2010-06-21

Ranvijay fears their plan will come to light. Gangiya advises him to be calm as she believes nobody can prove anything against them. Ranvijay is also ...


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Episode :178

Date: 2013-01-19

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Episode :91

Date: 2012-11-21