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Parvati Parameshwara

Episode 1314

Date: 2014-04-23

Vishali, with her friends leave for campaigning for Kranti Kumar's party from their own fund. On the other hand, Kranti Kumar's rivals make all prepar...


Episode 1313

Date: 2014-04-22

Paramesha, after having agreed to Parvati, disguises himself as his father, Nagashekara, to celebrate his birthday. Later, Nagashekara's friends, by m...


Episode 1312

Date: 2014-04-21

Vishali feels scared if someone is dead as a result of her unexpected gunfire, even though Parvati tries to cool her. Later, Vishali, after confirming...


Episode 1310

Date: 2014-04-18

Paramesha and Rangu, on knowing about Vishali and Parvati going for summer camp, secretly talk about organising a party at their home, by inviting all...


Episode 1309

Date: 2014-04-17

Vedamurthy shares the matter of his fiancee Sumati, trying to control him even before the marriage itself, with Paramesha and his friends and requests...


Episode 1308

Date: 2014-04-16

In order to go to a function Manja pretends like he is suffering from stomach ache before Paramesha and Shivani in order to get the pocket money. Afte...


Episode 1307

Date: 2014-04-15

Paramesha's aunt tries to have fun by fibbing about one's personnel matters to the others. Later, Parameshwara and his friends, after realising about ...


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Episode :178

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