Episode 1436

Date: 2014-10-14

Today's episode is titled as 'Sangappa Nungidhu'. Three couples are fighting among themselves. The husbands of the three couple are requesting their w...


Episode 361

Date: 2014-10-24

Sanjana and Renuka are asking Bharathi to forgive them as they have hurt her too much. Bharathi consoles them and asks them not to talk in such manner...


Episode 360

Date: 2014-10-23

Manoj is seen sitting in his room thinking something, just then Bharathi comes in. Bharathi asks Manoj why is he thinking in this way, Manoj replies t...


Episode 359

Date: 2014-10-22

Manoj rejects that he doesn't want the property that has been divided among the three brothers as he is not Rajshekar's own son. The lawyer says that ...


Episode 358

Date: 2014-10-21

Sanjana visits Sharath and tells him that tomorrow a lawyer is coming to read the property will, Sharath says that he knows about it. Sanjana asks him...


Episode 357

Date: 2014-10-20

Manoj's mother asks Manoj to stay with her forever as it is the only wish that a mother has in her life. Manoj seems broken down, Bharathi intervenes ...


Episode 356

Date: 2014-10-17

Rajesh recalls everything that happened to him with Aarthi and Bharathi. Rajesh says that Aarthi could have helped him in getting a big misunderstandi...


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Episode :178

Date: 2013-01-19

Rab Se Sohna Isshq

Episode :91

Date: 2012-11-21