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Bh Se Bhade

Episode 33

Date: 2014-02-16

Bha se Bhade is a show that revolves around a 55 year old man, Mr. Digamber Rajaram Bhade who has a special quality of taking away people's problems o...


Episode 32

Date: 2014-02-15

Satyawati offers lift to Bhade. While the two go on the ride they enjoy a few moments together. But, there is somebody recording the moment. Later, Sa...


Episode 31

Date: 2014-02-09

Bhailal has another plan with Mrudula to prove what saadhu told about Kalyani is true. Meanwhile, Kalyani wonders that whatever Saadhu told about her ...


Episode 30

Date: 2014-02-08

Bhade's secretary Satyavati gets gravy for him in lunch. Satyavati tells Bhade that he seems to be tensed nowadays. Bhade shares his family problems w...


Episode 29

Date: 2014-02-02

Bhade is shocked to know that his borther Bhailal has taken half of his property and business. Also, Sushma Bhade and her kids are really tensed seein...


Episode 28

Date: 2014-02-01

Kalyani tells Bhade's family that she has fallen in love with a man named Cheeku and she has decided to marry him. Sushma and Bhai Lal are shocked to ...


Episode 27

Date: 2014-01-26

Bhai Lal lies to the taxi driver, that he is the famous actor Paresh Rawal and also instead of giving money to him, he takes it from him and gives an ...


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Episode :178

Date: 2013-01-19

Rab Se Sohna Isshq

Episode :91

Date: 2012-11-21