Buddha 12 January, Episode 19 - 43:21

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Periodic Drama

In the January 12 Episode of Buddha, the family welcomes Siddhartha and Yasodhara as a newly married couple. All the rituals are being performed by the couple. Later, Prasanna Jeet plans a strategy to take revenge from Siddhartha. Watch latest "Buddha" Episodes on http://www.zeetv.com

"Believing in Yourself is Not a Religion...  It's a Way of Life!" If a man who walked the earth in the year 500 BCE had the vision to say something that remains so relevant in the year 2013, it is no wonder, then, that he is counted amongst the most important personalities to have been born in the recorded history of Nepal – Buddha! 

We have all read about Buddha at one point or the other. Yet, so much remains to be explored about this powerful, magnetic thought leader who woke up to the 'Ultimate Truth' under the Bodhi Tree. For instance, did you know that it was Prince Siddharth who pioneered elephant warfare in his time? Do any of us even know what he was like, as a child? What were the influences that shaped his thinking as a youth? We know the leader and his school of thought, but little do we know about the beautiful person within.    

Presenting Siddhartha's illustrious journey of being born in the lap of luxury as a prince to his growing years to denouncing his throne and living the life of an ascetic to attaining 'The Awakening' is Zee TV's next historical magnum opus 'Buddha' produced by Spice Studios. 

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