Ramayan 26 May, Episode 42 - 46:05

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Periodic Drama

In the May 26 Episode of Ramayan, Lord Hanuman proceeds with his journey towards Lanka, to send across Lord Ram's message to Queen Sita. On his journey, Lord Hanuman meets Mainaak, a huge mountain that is obliged to Lord Hanuman's father that requests Lord Hanuman to rest on it. However, Lord Hanuman gently refuses to his request and proceeds further. Sursa an evil woman also bars Lord Hanuman's path. She conditions Lord Hanuman to enter her mouth in order to proceed with his journey. Lord Hanuman tactfully enters her mouth and makes a quick exist, hence, fulfilling her desire. Soon, Sursa appreciates Lord Hanuman for his intelligence and reveals her real identity of snake goddess and guides Lord Hanuman towards his journey. Singhika, an evil woman also manages to bar Lord Hanuman's path. She manages to insert Lord Hanuman in her mouth but, Lord Hanuman breakthrough her head and proceed with his journey. After crossing several hurdles, Lord Hanuman feels relived after catching an overview of Lanka. However, he stays unaware of a demon name Lanka Nagri who later tries to overpower Lord Hanuman after he lands on Lanka. The demon gets shattered after Lord Hanuman bashes her up. Further, she appreciates Lord Hanuman for the deed, as his bashing helped her get free from a curse. After searching for a long duration, Lord Hanuman hears the enchanting of Lord Ram in a kingdom. Lord Hanuman wears a disguise of a sage and meets Vibhishan who enchants the glory of Lord Ram. Vibhishan introduces Lord Hanuman as Ravan's younger brother and Lord Ram's true worshipper. He further guides Lord Hanuman towards Ashok Vatika, wherein, Ravan arrested Queen Sita. Lord Ram on the other hand, prevents Yamraj from proceeding towards Queen Sita as Queen Sita enchants her need for death through meditation. Ravan gets furious after he learns about Queen Sita's meditation. He meets her at her shelter and announces, to marry her forcefully. Lord Hanuman, present in the premises witnesses the scenario. Watch latest "Ramayan" Episodes on http://www.zeetv.com

Ramayan is a timeless classic based on Valmiki's ancient epic and Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas. Tracing the journey of Lord Rama through the trials and tribulations of his iconic life, Ramayan shows viewers a way of life ; it is rich in the core values, ideals and principles that form the crux of Indian culture and upbringing. Centuries after the original epic was first written, its relevance in contemporary times remains unquestioned.

The characters Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Hanuman and Ravan are all fundamental to the cultural consciousness of India. The show, like the religious epic it is based on, explores the subtleties of the delicate relationships within one's family, portraying model characters like the ideal father, king, servant, brother and wife.

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