Amanat 5 April, Episode 190 - 20:35

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Family Drama

The staff welcomes Chander to the office. Ahmed chides Lahori for inviting Narang for Bala's wedding. Lahori tells Ahmed that if Narang freed Amit from his condition, they could call Azhar, Zeenat, Dinky and Amit to India. Lahori regrets keeping Azhar away from Ahmed. Lahori and Ahmed meet Khanna and discuss about building a hospital for Manoj and Bala. Khanna tells them that he will prepare the documents to get them signed from Manoj and Bala. Lahori and Ahmed come to Manoj's house to get the documents signed from Manoj and Bala. But Mr. Apte opposes Lahori's idea to build a hospital for Manoj and Bala saying that it is a form of dowry. Suhasini gives him the idea to invest in the hospital. Mr. Apte likes the idea. While working in the office, Chander comes across an unsolved issue. Mr. Kapoor tells him that it was being handled by Santosh when she was in office. Chander calls to talk to Santosh.

The story is about Lahori Ram and his 7 daughters: Santosh, Dinky, Bala, Guddi, Bunty, Munni, and Totey. Lahori Ram is a man of strong values and traditions and has not changed much even in these modern times. He has been both father and mother to his girls. He has given them all love and affection, but kept them within the constraints of a stern middle class morality. The bond between the sisters is extremely close. Their shared moments of happiness and grief, their love and admiration for their father and the desire never to hurt him, are their common ground. They get married into different families with varied backgrounds and cultural environments. This story deals with their struggle between their values and their adjustment to the new families.  

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