12/24 Karol Baug 18 October, Episode 246 - 21:42

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Family Drama

Rajiv compels Simi to have lunch with him at her house. Bui talks to someone on the phone, saying that Prasad should not reveal the truth at any cost. She also talks about bribing the two priests who had lied about Abhi's horoscope to Manju and Simi. Rajinder finds something fishy and asks Anuj if Abhi and Simi are planning to do something without his knowledge. Rajinder reveals that he has decided to celebrate their anniversary along with Neetu and Omi's. At the breakfast table, Rajjo sees Abhi feeding a morsel to Simi and walks out angrily. Simi finally agrees to have lunch with Rajiv when he tries to blackmail her. Simi asks Anuj to take everyone out for lunch. In order to find out the truth about Bui, Neetu and Anita get Rajjo drunk. But before she could reveal anything, she passes out. When Rajiv arrives, he asks Simi to marry him.

12/24 Karol Baug  is the story of the struggles and dilemmas faced by a typical middle class family which consists of 4 siblings who live with their parents. Each one has his own dreams which are sometimes sacrificed for the happiness of the others. But however big may be the problems faced  by the Sethi family, they always stand united.  

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