12/24 Karol Baug 19 October, Episode 247 - 21:42

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Family Drama

Rajiv threatens Simi that he will reveal the truth to Abhi if she refuses his marriage proposal. Just then, the Sethi family returns home. Rajinder fumes with anger on seeing Rajiv and asks him to go away. Abhi tries to extract the truth from Prasad by telling him that his family has been kidnapped by his master. When this doesn't work, Abhi tells the Inspector that he wants to withdraw all the complaints against Prasad. Rajinder calls Abhi home and asks Simi to reveal the truth. Simi reveals that it is Abhi who is going to die and not her, so he has to marry someone else. Abhi is upset to hear this and tells Bui that he does not wish to marry Rajjo anymore. Bui informs Rajiv about Simi's revelation. She rebukes Rajiv for coming to the Sethi house. She also tells Rajiv that she had carefully planned the workers' problem at the factory and arranged the fake horoscopes but one wrong act of his has ruined the plan. Rajiv tells Bui that he has abducted Prasad's family, and their plan will surely succeed. Bui is shocked to notice someone's shadow around.

12/24 Karol Baug  is the story of the struggles and dilemmas faced by a typical middle class family which consists of 4 siblings who live with their parents. Each one has his own dreams which are sometimes sacrificed for the happiness of the others. But however big may be the problems faced  by the Sethi family, they always stand united.  

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