12/24 Karol Baug 20 October, Episode 248 - 21:28

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Family Drama

Simi is worried on finding Abhi missing from home. She decides to find him. Bui asks Rajiv if he has kidnapped Abhi, but Rajiv denies knowing anything. Rajiv tells Prasad that he will free his family if he kills Abhi. Prasad finds Abhi and Simi and tries to kill Abhi. But Abhi and Simi save their lives and come back home. Rajinder is shocked when Abhi tells him that Prasad had tried to kill him. Bui says that the priest's prediction about Abhi's life being in danger has come true. Simi gets frightened and convinces Abhi to marry Rajjo. He agrees on the condition that she too must get married to someone else at the same time. Neetu tells Manju that Anuj has surrendered to the police. Abhi and everyone go to meet Anuj in jail. Simi gets a call from Rajiv saying that only he can solve all his problems. Simi declares to her family that she will marry Rajiv. Abhi is crestfallen.

12/24 Karol Baug  is the story of the struggles and dilemmas faced by a typical middle class family which consists of 4 siblings who live with their parents. Each one has his own dreams which are sometimes sacrificed for the happiness of the others. But however big may be the problems faced  by the Sethi family, they always stand united.  

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