12/24 Karol Baug 14 October, Episode 244 - 21:59

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Family Drama

When the police arrive, Neetu accuses the family for trying to separate her from her child. At that moment, Abhi arrives with the baby. Anita snatches the child from her, saying that she is the mother. She runs into the room and locks the door. Neetu tells everyone not to worry as a mother can never harm her child. Anita cries her heart out. Anuj assures Neetu that he will unite her with her child. But just then, Anita comes out and hands over the child to Neetu and thanks her for letting her experience motherhood. An overjoyed Neetu tells her they both will raise the child together. Abhi tells the police that Prasad had stolen the baby, but escaped before getting caught. Manju tells Rajinder that Abhi and Rajjo's wedding has been cancelled. Rajinder is happy. Manju then tells Abhi, Simi and Bui that she lied to Rajinder as he would've never agreed. Abhi finally signs the divorce papers. Bui informs someone on the phone that Simi and Abhi have signed the divorce papers. But she is shocked to see that Anita has overheard their conversation.

12/24 Karol Baug  is the story of the struggles and dilemmas faced by a typical middle class family which consists of 4 siblings who live with their parents. Each one has his own dreams which are sometimes sacrificed for the happiness of the others. But however big may be the problems faced  by the Sethi family, they always stand united.  

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