Hasratein 5 February, Episode 87 - 23:12

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Family Drama

Sushma's delighted to watch Savitri model for Mayura in her place and rings her to congratulate her on making a devastating debut. Savitri is thrilled to hear the ad has started being telecast so soon and switches her TV to watch it. But Shyam is the perfect wet blanket, refusing to believe this modeling assignment was forced on her and forbids her from repeating this blunder. Savitri's ad makes waves at Shyam's college much to his embarrassment. K.T. though baffled is happy at the feedback on this ad that has made Savitri a star overnight. However, Savitri herself is frightened at stepping out of portals of anonymity but K.T. insists she cash in on such a golden opportunity and recommends she adopt modeling as it's a lucrative profession. When Savitri asks him if he will allow her to model for companies besides BB Publicity, K.T. assures her he is not narrow minded like Shyam and can't ever imagine impeding her hard-earned claim to fame. But as she thanks him profusely, he jokes she should actually be thanking Sushma. Savitri is stunned to hear that Sushma plans to retire from acting totally as she's fed up of earning for Vishal. Savitri confesses, she rejoices on being noticed, Sushma comments she has been starved of recognition and acceptance from childhood. But Shyam refuses to accept her decision to become a model.

Ananda Film & Tele-Communications’ ‘Hasratein’ is an offbeat social saga spanning three generations dealing with infidelity & extra-marital affairs stemming from the family headed by noted exponent of classical music Pandit Din Dayal (Yashwant Dutt) as his wife Sulakshana (Himani Shivpuri) seduces his percussionist Kedar (Bobby Khanna) before the eyes of her  daughter Savitri (Baby Sana). When Sulakshana elopes with Kedar, Dayal succumbs to a heart-attack & Savitri grows up in her maternal aunt Madhavi’s (Rita Bhaduri) home with uncle Govind (Ajit Vachani) who has a compulsive roving eye that doesn’t spare even Savitri (Sonal) as she matures. Savitri’s childhood friend Uma (Chaitrali/Sahiba) gets infatuated with stage actor Vishal (Arup Pal) who refuses to marry after impregnating her leading to an abortion. As Savitri observes & absorbs these setbacks, she gets attracted to her childhood friend Satish (Bhuwan Das) whose dominating mother Malati (Mugdha) provokes Satish first to failure followed by suicide Shyam (Dharmesh Vyas) is so captivated by Savitri that he barges into their home armed with a marriage proposal! But after marriage & a child whom Shyam insists on naming Satish, much against her wishes, his friend Manasi (Ketaki Dave) gets Savitri a job with her concern BB Publicity helmed by Jaman Thakkar (Mukesh Rawal).  Jaman is forced into selling his company to an industrialist from Delhi, Krishnakant Trivedi/ K.T. (Harsh Chhaya) who’s instantly hypnotized by Savitri’s charm! K.T. appoints her as his GM & deplores the hypocrisy inherent in Indian society while confessing his love for Savitri. But does Savitri respond to K.T.’s advances & fall into the same trap as her good friend Sushma (Sejal Shah), who’s one of Vishal’s many conquests?

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