Hip Hip Hurray 22 March, Episode 74 - 20:24

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Family Drama

Nonie feels extremely guilty for her behavior. She goes to meet Maya and Maya makes her understand that their lives are completely different and they cant be together. Everyone understands Nonie. Alisha is very upset as her parents inform her that they have to shift to Delhi and she has to go back to her previous school Whitehall. Alisha doesnt wish to part from Rafey. Alisha tells everyone that she is going back. Rafey breaks down on knowing this.

The story revolves around the lives of the students of 12th grade at the DeNobili High school. Their highs and lows, their dreams and aspirations, their friendships and relationships and their way to deal with life is all what is ‘HIP HIP HURRAY’ about. The story also focuses on various teenage issues like drugs, dating and heartbreaks, falling in love with the teachers, differences with parents, exam blues and the fast moving life wherein each student has to prove his worth to the world. DeNobili High School is a place where all the students are given a chance to explore themselves and all the teachers share a very affable bond with the students. Each and every student of the 12th grade does their best to make their last year at the DeNobili High School most memorable for them as well as for their teachers.

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