Chattaan 9 January, Episode 116 - 19:28

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Family Drama

Rizwana feigns an apology to Faisal, but continues to misbehave with Gul. Gul gets so irritated with Rizwana that he decides to do all his work himself. Sooraj is shattered when Poornima tells him that she has decided to part ways with him. Poornima tells him that Pooja is aware of their relationship and she does not want to lose Pooja. Pooja meets Vishal who makes her realise that Poornima has every right to choose her partner since her husband has ditched her. Later, Poornima shows the detailed account of their hotels to Gayatri, pointing out some fraudulent entries. However, she is shocked when Davison tells Gayatri that this money had been swindled on Poornimas orders. Moreover, Ajay tells Gayatri that Poornima is having an affair with Sooraj. But Pooja comes to Poornima's rescue and takes the blame on herself. Later, Poornima is shocked and faints when Pooja tells her that she was actually in love with Sooraj.

‘Chattaan’ is a social melodrama revolving around Shamsher Raj (Shammi Kapoor) and his family. Shamsher, who has set a strict protocol for each and every member of his family, expects everyone to abide by it. Shamsher, who has worked hard to maintain his family’s pride and honour, is shattered when his own children put their family’s honour at stake. Kamal Chopra (Anang Desai), Shamsher's sworn enemy, tries his best to use Shamsher's son Vishal (Yatin Karyekar) and grandson Ajay (Akshay Anand) against him, little realising what destiny has in store for him. 

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