Chattaan 11 January, Episode 118 - 19:16

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Family Drama

Ajay meets Kamal and tells him that he is willing to sell his 45 percent shares of Shamsher Enterprises to him at a very low rate. Ajay tells Kamal that shares with a market value of 250 million dirhams can be his for just 150 million dirhams. This way, Ajay's goal of destroying Shamsher and Kamal's dream of acquiring Shamsher Enterprises will be fulfilled simultaneously. When Vishal comes to know of this, he immediately writes to Aarti and brings everything to her attention. Meanwhile, the differences between Rizwana and Gul increase to such an extent that Faisal decides to divorce Rizwana. On the other hand, Rizwana's mother accuses Gul to be the root cause of the entire problem. To avoid matters from getting worse, Gul decides to leave the house. Poornima is shocked when Sooraj visits her place and asks Gayatri to allow Poornima to marry him. Later, Pooja tells Gayatri that since Poornima and Sooraj love each other, they should be allowed to get married.

‘Chattaan’ is a social melodrama revolving around Shamsher Raj (Shammi Kapoor) and his family. Shamsher, who has set a strict protocol for each and every member of his family, expects everyone to abide by it. Shamsher, who has worked hard to maintain his family’s pride and honour, is shattered when his own children put their family’s honour at stake. Kamal Chopra (Anang Desai), Shamsher's sworn enemy, tries his best to use Shamsher's son Vishal (Yatin Karyekar) and grandson Ajay (Akshay Anand) against him, little realising what destiny has in store for him. 

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