Chattaan 16 January, Episode 121 - 22:25

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Family Drama

Episode: 121

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Kamal gets worried when his associate tells him that the shares of the hotels, which he had bought from Ajay, are falling at an alarming rate. Ajay curses himself when he receives his mothers letter in which Aarti tells him that Kamal is the main culprit and the man responsible for her divorce. Kamal meets Ajay and tells him that he no longer wishes to buy his hotels and demands his money back. Ajay, who is now looking for an opportunity to destroy Kamal, tells him that he can't return his money as he has purchased 60 percent shares of Shamsher Enterprises. Ajay lures Kamal with those shares and convinces him to demolish those hotels. Ajay assures him that it would prove to be a big jolt to Shamsher. Kamal agrees and signs the demolition papers. Finally, Vishal returns home, but is shattered to know that Shamsher has left for his heavenly abode. Later, Kamal is shocked when he comes to know that Ajay has double crossed him. Ajay tells Kamal that he never transferred his shares to him. Kamal, who has become bankrupt, goes insane. Later, Rizwana realises her mistake and apologises to Gul and requests him to come back home. Vishal also reunites with his family and decides to start his life afresh.

‘Chattaan’ is a social melodrama revolving around Shamsher Raj (Shammi Kapoor) and his family. Shamsher, who has set a strict protocol for each and every member of his family, expects everyone to abide by it. Shamsher, who has worked hard to maintain his family’s pride and honour, is shattered when his own children put their family’s honour at stake. Kamal Chopra (Anang Desai), Shamsher's sworn enemy, tries his best to use Shamsher's son Vishal (Yatin Karyekar) and grandson Ajay (Akshay Anand) against him, little realising what destiny has in store for him. 

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