Bharathi 23 October, Episode 360 - 20:59

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Family Drama

Manoj is seen sitting in his room thinking something, just then Bharathi comes in. Bharathi asks Manoj why is he thinking in this way, Manoj replies that he does not wants to accept the property that has has been divided. Bharathi tells Manoj that if he doesn't accepts the salary then his parents will feel bad. Manoj says still he has no wish for the property, he further says that he is working man and can earn as much as he wants. Watch the full episode to know what happens ahead. The mist is gone. There is a new sunshine. All this because, Manoj is back in Bharathi's life. Yes.true love never fails. All those moments of agony, misery and crying are no more. There is a sense of happiness and celebration in the family. All this because.Manoj is back. But is it that easy for Bharathi to forgive and forget? How would her relationship with Bharath be henceforth? How would Bharath's wife Renuka treat Bharathi now? How would Bharathi's own sister Sanjana, who loved Manoj deeply, accept the fact that he is her brother-in-law? How would Bharathi face the society? Subscribe to the channel by clicking To watch more episodes from this show go to

Bharathi, the girl born on August 15, and thus the name Bharathi. Bharathi is like water. As pure as, as flawless as and as water can adapt to the shape of the vessel pour in..

Ramappa is a kanjoos man. He is survived by his wife Jayamma and the daughters Bhavani, Bharathi and Sanjana.

Bhavani is a deaf and dumb girl. Hence the couple is planning for the wedding of Bharathi, the protagonist. But Bharathi is in love with Manoj, the boy from same area but little away in the outskirts of the city.

Manoj is the second son of Nanjundappa and Kaveri. His elder brother Bharath is in police department far away from hometown. Youngest son Sharath is a college going boy. Hence Manoj- the adapted son is managing the farm and other household activities.

Without knowing Bharti’s love with Manoj, her parents are trying to find an alliance for her. At the same time Kaveri also trying to find a girl for Bharath, and finding it difficult for the reason that he is in Police force.

Only after the marriage of Bharath, Manoj can raise the matter of his love with Bharathi. But, one fine day Manoj tie the thaali to Bharathi in a temple out of fear and assure her that after his brother’s marriage he will talk to parents and take her to home with all formalities as sister-in-law. Till then, they decide to not to unveil the secret.

But the secret is known to the deaf and dumb- Bhavani! Bharathi took oath from her, not to reveal the secreat.

In the course of time situation arises in such a way that Bharathi had to marry Bharath, brother of Manoj. Manoj, now becomes brother-in-law also! On the day of marriage, due to uneasiness, Bharath could not tie the thali and the marriage ends with jumble as who tied the thali? (Actually it was Manoj, but will be revealed in much later stage)

Bharat won’t take Bharathi to his work place. So she has to face Manoj every day. But, Bharathi is such a girl that she accepted the reality, decides to become the daughter-in-law by all means. And having characteristic of water, she adjust to any situation with the belief that life is more important than love. But, manoj goes mad by the situation. 
And one fine day, Kaveri will come to know that Bharat is already having another family in his work place. She felt guilty and plans to resolve the issue. What is her action? Will she come to know that actually it was Manoj who married Bharathi? What is Bharathi’s stand?

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