Tu Tithe Me 6 February, Episode 583 - 21:17

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Family Drama

The base of a strong marriage is trust. However, even if one of the partners is suspicious by nature, a minor misunderstanding would be enough to make the marriage rocky. This story tries to pass on a message, that misunderstandings should be eradicated right from the roots, failing which a marriage can go kaput within no time. Tu Tithe Mi is about Manjiri and Satyajeet's marriage where Satyajeet is a successful man but an over possessive husband. Their marriage goes through several ups and downs due to Satyajeet's suspicious nature. Watch this show on http://www.zeemarathi.com/ To subscribe to Zee Marathi go to http://www.youtube.com/user/zeemarathi?sub_confirmation=1

Trust is the foundation on which a strong marriage is built. A chink in this armour can make the marriage crumble. Our story is an attempt to deliver the message that even the smallest seed of mistrust if not uprooted can grow into a dangerous weed that can suck the life out of a marriage.

Tu Tithe Mee.. is about Manjiri and Satyajeet’s marriage and the tests it will be put through.

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