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Episode: 55

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She has lost her husband, but not her zest for life. Prathibha Guntur is 55 years young. He is wallowing in loneliness after losing his wife. Bhaskar Rao is 65 years old.

She has lost her husband, but not her zest for life. Prathibha Guntur is 55 years young. He is wallowing in loneliness after losing his wife. Bhaskar Rao is 65 years old.

Bhaskar Rao, the quintessential middle-class man, has recently retired after 40 years of government service and now lives with his younger son Shraavan. He is a traditional and old-fashioned, and vegetarian too. Shraavan (35) works in an MNC; his wife Megha (30) is a bank employee. They have a daughter, Suhasini (12). Bhaskar Rao’s elder son, Shishir (40) lives in another part of Bangalore. Shishir is a corrupt government employee; his wife Lata (35) is a housewife. They have no children as of yet.

Prathibha Guntur is an attractive upper-middle class woman. She is 55, but looks 40. She leads a very active life, and loves dressing up, partying and going to the movies. Her husband Pattabhirama died of an alcohol overdose five years ago. Her son Pradhan (33) moved in with her a few months ago due to a health problem. Her daughter-in-law Madhura (30) has opted from voluntary retirement from Indian Airlines, where she worked as an airhostess. Pradhan and Madhura have a school-going son Bhuvan, who is extremely mischievous.

Prathibha and Bhaskar have only one thing in common – they don’t know how to spend their time! They would love to see the hours just fly by. Both of them head to the same park – he, to escape his loneliness and she, to escape her daughter-in-law’s morning pujas. Here begins their story…

The first time Prathibha talks to Bhaskar, he manages to run away; you see, he has not spoken to any women apart from family, for a long time now. She tries to make him feel comfortable by telling him that she doesn’t intend to make him fall for her --- and this only succeeds in making him more uncomfortable. Gradually, he falls for her. He gets used to talking with her, and begins looking forward to their long conversations. He, who is unable to give up fatty foods, is impressed by the fitness Prathibha has maintained. He begins to muse that this lovely woman who is so beautiful at this age, must surely have broken many hearts in her youth! He begins to notice the differences between having male friends and female friends; and the quickening of heart that accompanies a woman’s approach. Bhaskar and Prathibha make the journey from acquaintances to friends, and from friends to close friends. Their relationship becomes the target of gossip for the other park-goers. “Did you know, they went out to dinner together? They even went shopping together the other day…” Such whispers make their way to the ears of Shraavan and Madhura.

Coincidentally, at this stage, Bhaskar Rao makes an announcement at home: He is going on a trip. Where to? Who with? For how long? The family has no idea. To add to this, Bhaskar Rao says he didn’t want to announce his leaving…but didn’t want the family to think him missing, call the cops and launch a search. He refuses to carry his mobile phone with him, saying he would prefer to call from an STD booth when he feels like it.

What is the nature of Bhaskar and Prathibha’s relationship? Don’t old people have their own needs and desires? This is the story of, sentiment after the retirement.

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