Kareena Kareena 10 October, Episode 204 - 18:37

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Family Drama

Tribhuvan tells Tushar and Kareena that Ranvir has done many changes in the distribution section of Chamatkar, hence Tushar needs to stay back and get things in order. When Kareena offers to stay back with Tushar, Tushar asks her not to. Tushar and Kareena go to a hotel but find that one of the staff members knows him and his family very well. Tushar and Kareena leave from there. Kareena then goes to a hostel which is managed by a strict lady named Damayanti who is against the institution of marriage. Damayanti asks Kareena if she is married. Kareena remains silent. Damayanti assumes that Kareena is unmarried and gives her a room

Kareena (Kulraj Randhawa) has come to Mumbai to look for a job. She finds a job at Chamatkar Soaps which is owned by Tribhuvan Pandey (Sudhir Pandey) and Nilamberi Devi (Vandana Gupte). Nilambari is a strict lady who does not like modern girls. So Kareena gets the job by lying to her that she is married. Kareena is further caught in another web of lies when her friend sends her as an RJ to the radio station, Radio Curry. Thus begins Kareena's dual life of lies. Prem Motwani (Sharokh Barucha) comes to know of this and helps her out of many situations. Kareena decides to leave the job at Chamatkar. But there she meets Tushar (Sandeep Rajora), son of Tribhuvan and Nilambari Devi. She falls in love with him and then begins more chaos. The more Kareena tries to come out of her lies, the deeper she falls into a pit of lies.

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