Eka Lagnachi Teesri Goshta 6 November, Episode 21 - 22:10

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Family Drama

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It’s said that a family is God’s greatest masterpiece. Eka Lagnachi Tisari Goshta will capture this masterpiece in a never before form on television. The show is built on the belief that a family is not just formed by the ties of blood; one can create a family with love and compassion.

The story revolves around lovers Om & Isha who want to get married. Isha comes from a closely knit joint family and they are looking for an ideal match for her. When she tells them about Om they agree for the alliance on one condition, “the boy should come from a loving joint family like theirs”.

The problem is that Om comes from a broken family. His home is not made up of a typical family comprising of parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters. Instead his home hosts very different, unrelated individuals who are brought together by fate and Om’s generosity.

In the process of piecing together a family they realise, that it is not necessary to be born with a family. One can make his own family by nurturing and valuing relationships.

Featuring an ensemble cast, it marks the return of the endearing Shubha Khote to small screen along with Spruha Joshi, Umesh Kamat, Mohan Joshi & Shubhangi Gokhale.

Don’t miss Eka Lagnachi Tisari Goshta every Mon-Sat @ 9 PM on Zee Marathi.

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