Aashirwad 10 August, Episode 160 - 20:06

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Family Drama

Episode 160 Sumitra Devi is shocked when Singh informs her that Vijay has bailed out the truck driver. A sense of fear soon grips her for she knows that Vijay will now leave no stone unturned to bring her to book. Radheyshyam requests Chaudhary to give Vishaka her due respect, as she is now the daughter-in-law of their clan. Meanwhile, Birju again swindles cash worth rupees 3 lacs from Chaudhary's business, and Gajendra feels proud of him. Finally, with a heavy heart, Ruma bids adieu to Subhash.

Ashirwaad is a story of two friends, Puroshotam Chaudhary (Govind Namdeo) and Deshmukh (Navin Nischol), who raise their children in contrasting styles. Though both are friends, their views of thinking are contradictory. Deshmukh allows all possible liberties to his daughter, while Chaudhary keeps a strict watch on his children. The show explores around the central theme of whether leniency in bringing up children is justified or not and traces the consequent pros and cons as the children grow up and mature into adults.

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