Aashirwad 3 August, Episode 159 - 19:27

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Family Drama

Episode 159 Though Chaudhary brings Radheyshyam and Vishaka home, but Aparna still does not approve of their marriage. Later, both Mittal and Chaudhary feel pained when the former tells him that Ruma and Subhash have decided to get divorced. On the other hand, Vishaka does not like the way Aparna treats her. She tells Radheyshyam about this, but he asks her to be patient. Meanwhile, Birju proudly tells Gajendra that he has started swindling Chaudhary's money and soon he will start his own business.

Ashirwaad is a story of two friends, Puroshotam Chaudhary (Govind Namdeo) and Deshmukh (Navin Nischol), who raise their children in contrasting styles. Though both are friends, their views of thinking are contradictory. Deshmukh allows all possible liberties to his daughter, while Chaudhary keeps a strict watch on his children. The show explores around the central theme of whether leniency in bringing up children is justified or not and traces the consequent pros and cons as the children grow up and mature into adults.

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