Hitler Didi 6 May, Episode 384 - 20:23

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Family Drama

In the May 6 Episode of Hitler Didi, Indira uncovers Rishi's attempt of presenting a fake hen in her courtroom and claiming it to be Praanaath. The onlookers present in her courtroom starts mentioning Rishi, as a useless lawyer. In order to divert people's attention from Rishi, Indira proceeds with her case and later, figures out the pandit to be guilty for killing the hen. Munna accidently informs Indira, about Rishi's investment in the betting business. Indira however, gets furious on Rishi, as he invested the money they received by the general public that gave the money with a view to gain justice. Indira anger crosses its bar and she asks Rishi to leave the Sharma house. Watch latest "Hitler Didi" Episodes on http://www.zeetv.com

Weighed down considerably by the enormous responsibility of single-handedly providing for her large family, young Indira Sharma (played by Rati Pandey) throws herself into the daunting task and the well-being of her family becomes her sole agenda in life. In facing the daily challenges thrown her way on both the home and work front, she loses her sense of humour, her ability to feel finer emotions and becomes a regimental disciplinarian, a workaholic and a perfectionist who is almost always on the verge of losing her cool. Enter then, Rishi (played by Sumit Vats), a tenant whose sunny smile, light-hearted wit and jovial spirit comes like a breath of fresh air for a family that is beginning to feel exasperated under the reign of their Hitler Didi. Will sparks fly when such sharply contrasting personalities cross paths under the same roof? Will Rishi be successful in getting Indira to smile, dream and love all over again? Only time will tell!

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