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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 315 - 22:32

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Family Drama

Everyone feels relieved when Nahar returns home. However, they are shocked as well to see the bandage on Nahar's forehead. Nahar asserts that he met with a minor accident and walks into his room. Saloni tries to talk to Nahar, but he snubs her. The next day, Saloni is surprised when she comes to know that Nahar has left for the office without informing her. Brijesh also leaves for the office without having breakfast and Saloni tells him that she will send the breakfast in the office. Saloni goes to the office with breakfast, but Brijesh informs her that Nahar has gone out for a meeting. Soon, a man arrives with Nahar's purse and a bouquet of flowers. He tells Brijesh that Devika has sent the bouquet and Nahar's purse. Saloni is impressed and gives an idol of Lord Krishna to that person and tells the man to give it to Devika as a token of appreciation. Saloni then drops the person to Devika's place and also takes her phone number. Devika is impressed with the gift and tells her employee to let her know whenever Saloni calls. Later in the evening, Yug comes to Saloni's place and gets worried when he comes to know about Nahar's accident. Saloni also tells Yug that Nahar is not in a good mood ever since he returned from Jaipur. Yug suggests that Saloni organizes a special dinner for Nahar. Saloni likes the suggestion and does accordingly. However, she feels bad when Nahar arrives and tells her that he has already had his dinner. Saloni at once realises that something is bothering Nahar. She asks him, but he does not reply properly. Soon, Yug arrives and tries to calm them down by playing his guitar. However, Nahar gets furious to see Yug.

Saat Phere

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