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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 409 - 22:08

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Family Drama

Nahar sees that the lady is none other than Chandni. He manages to take the waiter's help and hides with Saloni, while Chandni returns to the restaurant to take her purse back. Saloni asks Nahar to make Dev so jealous that he'll be compelled to shift to their house. Meanwhile, Padma reveals to Shubra that she was the one who had brought Chamki home. She also mentions that Chamki isn't pregnant and begs Shubra to save her son from Chamki's clutches. Later, when Kunjan returns home, Shubra suggests to him to take Chamki for regular medical check-ups, so Kunjan requests Shubra to take her. Chamki is terrified and makes excuses. On the other hand, seeing Dev approaching in office, Dheer informs Brijesh how Nahar is getting closer to Chandni, so Brijesh pretends to get angry! Dheer then mentions to Dev that Nahar and Chandni will be out of office for a day. Meanwhile, Saloni visits Samar and thanks him for taking their parents also to their new house. On the other hand, Kaveri continues to taunt Saloni. Bhabho asks Chandni money for household expenses. Dheer then instigates Chandni that Bhabho has taken money to send Nahar and Saloni out together for a film. Dheer suggests a plan to her. Chandni orders Nahar to come home right away, so he says that he needs to seek Dev's permission. However, Dev refuses, so she orders him to send Nahar home right away! Chandni then plays the DVD of the film that Nahar was supposed to see with Saloni. On the other hand, Brijesh berates Nahar for going out with Chandni for a film and getting close with her. Brijesh warns Nahar not to forget his wife Saloni, so Nahar retorts that Chandni is his present and Saloni, his past! Dev overhears this heated conversation and is furious! Later, Dev asks Chandni out to see the film `Don', so she replies that she's already seen it with Nahar at home the previous day.

Saat Phere

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