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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 413 - 22:05

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Family Drama

The couple in the room is none other than Brijesh and Tara! Nahar puts an expensive necklace around Chandni's neck, and seeing this Dev burns with jealousy again. The next morning, Dev phones Chandni and insists that she meets him. Just then, Padam Singh enters home with Dheer, so she tells him that she has a meeting with Eros International. A while later Nahar pretends to be surprised that Chandni has gone for a meeting because it had been cancelled. Dheer instigates Padam Singh against Chandni lying to him and then suggests that they go to a good restaurant to change his mood. Dev tells Chandni that he can't bear the distance any longer and gives her a week's time to reveal the truth to her father, or he'll inform him! When Chandni refuses, she walks away, only to come face to face with her father! Chandni lies that the meeting with Eros was cancelled, so she had come here for another meeting. Dheer sows seeds of suspicion in Padam Singh. Later at night, the ascetic comes to Padam Singh's house and cautions him that someone very close to him will soon betray him! Meanwhile, Nahar tries to get intimate with Chandni but she shoos him away, so he complains to Padam Singh and his family. Chandni lies to her father she has to adhere to a vow taken in Kaali Temple and will need to live a life of celibacy for a month. Chandni says it's important for her to stay in a separate room until then. Dev is pleased. Nahar too is happy to have finally got rid of Chandni. Just then, Saloni comes to his room and they embrace each other. On the other hand, Dheer sees Dev sneaking to meet Chandni. Chandni tells him that it is not safe for them to meet on the sly. Just then, Padam Singh comes near her door. Will she be caught?

Saat Phere

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