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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 415 - 22:21

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Family Drama

Chandni phones Dev, and just then, Padam Singh asks her whom she's talking to, so she lies that she was gathering details for the meeting. However, he decides to keep an eye on her and advises her to always seek his suggestion before making any major decision in life. Nahar tells his family that he is planning to host a surprise birthday party for Chandni, and Dheer comes up with a plan. On the other hand, Dev tells Chandni that he wants to make the next day special for her as it is her birthday. Chandni promises to be with him. Meanwhile, at night, Dheer reminds Padam Singh about the ascetic's warning again, and just then, Nahar drops the chandelier on Padam Singh. Dheer pushes him to safety. Dheer then tells him that every person who had sat on the throne on which he is sitting had met with a horrible death. Padam Singh orders Dheer to throw the throne out! Nahar and his family are pleased! The next day, Dheer informs Padam Singh that Nahar has hosted a grand surprise party for Chandni. Chandni comes home then and is wished by everyone on her birthday. She feels terrible that she can't even answer Dev's phone call because of the party. Dheer phones Dev to inform him about the party that Nahar has hosted for Chandni, so Dev is annoyed. Dev comes and sees Nahar getting very personal with Chandni, so he is jealous. Padam Singh thanks Nahar for loving Chandni so much. Dev and Chandni look on helplessly.

Saat Phere

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