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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 421 - 21:47

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Family Drama

Nahar slyly switches on the fan, and the papers fly from Chandni's hand, so Dheer picks them and says he'll get them signed from Padam Singh later. Meanwhile, when Samar phones Kaveri, she insists that he fire Tanya as she had misbehaved with her but Samar asserts that the matter will be discussed only once he returns and he will not let emotions make decisions for him! Kaveri is furious. Dev reminds Chandni that she has only 2 hours to stop him from marrying Urmila! Meanwhile, the wedding arrangements are underway. Kajri even performs a dance for the wedding wearing a veil. Saloni then takes Kajri to meet Urmila, and she decks up her daughter. On the other hand, Saloni tells Bhabho that she feels terrible about snatching Urmila's happiness as well as her mother's, so Bhabho explains that it is all for a right cause. Dheer asks Padam Singh to sign some documents saying they are the wedding expense bills. Padam Singh signs, and does not realise that they are his inheritance papers! Meanwhile, Chandni flings the platter containing the garlands for Dev and Urmila!

Saat Phere

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