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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 428 - 22:14

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Family Drama

Sridhar sees Pia's certificates and realises that she is looking for a job. He is furious and asserts that he does not want her to work as he does not want people to mock him for living off his wife's money! However, Pia knows that she must find a job soon. Meanwhile, at his mother's behest, Samar apologises to Kaveri for behaving badly with her earlier. He then promises her that he will be the world's best father! Saloni visits Samar and mentions to Ambica about wanting to find a job for Pia. Ambica goes to prepare tea when Saloni sees Kaveri. Kaveri accuses her of being the root cause of all misunderstandings between Samar and her, and asks her to leave them alone! Later, Saloni requests Samar to find a job for Pia, but asks him not to tell anyone about it. Samar agrees. Meanwhile, Manno Bhabhi is pleased to see Abhi having already cooked vegetarian lunch for her. She wonders why she is not able to fathom what kind of a person Abhi is. The priest then gives Manno Bhabhi the goddess' crown to have it repaired and cleaned. She mentions to Abhi that the crown must be worth 1.5 million. The next morning, Manno Bhabhi finds Abhi missing as well as the crown, and assumes that he has stolen it. She phones the police. After searching for a while, she sees Abhi and slaps him!

Saat Phere

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