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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 448 - 22:59

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Family Drama

Nahar is furious that Kukki saved his life and accuses her of being deceitful and selfish! The man nearby informs Nahar that Kukki had turned blind while trying to save his child. Kukki then tells Nahar that he has the right to hate her for causing him and his family immense trouble. The man's little daughter requests Nahar to forgive Kukki as she is a nice lady. Meanwhile, Samar returns home with Abhi. An angry Samar then informs Kaveri about the accident and how Abhi had saved his life. Samar begs Manno Bhabhi not to punish him for Kaveri's foolishness. Kaveri apologises to Manno Bhabhi and requests her not to go away. Meanwhile, Pia comes to see Abhi. Abhi gives her a locket and says that it has always protected him and he wants her to be protected now. Meanwhile, unable to trace Nahar, Brijesh phones the Police Commissioner. On the other hand, the village physician asks Kukki to accompany Nahar to the city. Nahar cautions Kukki that his family will condemn her but she asserts that she wants to repent for her past misdeeds. Later at night, Sridhar tries to get intimate with Pia but she remarks that he does not care about his wife! Sridhar feels rejected and accuses her of making merry with her boyfriend! He then flings her purse and finds the pendant given by Abhi! Sridhar goes to Samar's house and warns Abhi that he will kill Pia and him if he does not stop romancing her! When Abhi denies the accusation, Sridhar shows him his pendant. Sridhar warns him to stay away from Pia and goes to hit him when Manno Bhabhi stops him!

Saat Phere

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