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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 455 - 22:48

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Family Drama

Sridhar pushes Pia and refuses to accept her as she is a girl of loose character. Nahar confronts Sridhar and slaps him when the latter continues to slander Pia. Brijesh takes Pia with him in spite of Sridhar's parents begging him not to. Brijesh promises Pia to try his best to keep her happy. Bhabho too tries to reassure her. Meanwhile, seeing Nahar weep, Saloni reminds him that he is Pia's support now and they must find out about the rapist. Saloni requests Abhi to help Pia get out of the trauma. Nahar assumes Ranjit to be the culprit but the policeman tells him that Ranjit is pleading innocent. Meanwhile, Ambica and Manno Bhabhi regret how tough a life for a woman is, so Kaveri taunts that girls these days ask for trouble! Abhi defends Pia, so Kaveri mocks him about his motive in protecting her! Manno Bhabhi berates Kaveri. An annoyed Kaveri promises to drive Manno Bhabhi out of the house once she gets Ginni's baby! On the other hand, Ginni phones Kaveri just then to demand more money. Meanwhile, Manno Bhabhi too requests Abhi to help Pia overcome her grief. However, Pia goes missing from home. Unable to bear Sridhar's rejection, Pia decides to jump into the river.

Saat Phere

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