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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 467 - 23:17

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Family Drama

The doctor informs Bhabho and her family that Pia is pregnant. Everyone is shocked and devastated! On the other hand, Pia too curses her misfortune and tells everyone that Sridhar and she shared no physical proximity from a long time. Pia decides to abort the baby, and Brijesh supports her decision. However, Tara opposes Brijesh's decision and requests him to give her Pia's baby. Although Saloni supports Tara, the family asserts that they will never accept the child. Meanwhile, Kaveri's baby begins to howl, so she asks Ginni to feed her. Just then, Ambica comes into the room but Kaveri and Ginni manage to save themselves. On the other hand, Pia goes for a check-up and recalls the happy times with Sridhar. After seeing the baby while doing the sonography, Pia declares that she will not abort the baby. They return home and Tara informs the family about Pia's decision. Brijesh accuses Tara of brainwashing Pia, so Tara retorts that it was a mother's decision!

Saat Phere

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