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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 475 - 23:00

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Family Drama

Abhi asserts to Brijesh that he will accept Pia come what may! Saloni begs Nahar to stop the wedding but even he refuses to believe her. Saloni then tells the family that the goldsmith will tell the truth, so Nahar goes to fetch him. Abhi declares his undying love for Pia, but Saloni condemns him for betraying her trust! The goldsmith sees Nahar and lies to him that the shop has been shut from 4-5 days and its owner will not return soon. Nahar returns and informs Saloni about it. Saloni continues to defend Sridhar but the entire family opposes her! Saloni then begs Pia to believe that Sridhar was innocent and Abhi is her culprit. She implores Pia not to marry the betrayer Abhi, so Manno Bhabhi slaps Saloni! She asserts to Saloni that her son cannot stoop so low. Saloni tries to convince everyone in the family but of no avail. Meanwhile, Brijesh sends Pia with Abhi and she is given a traditional welcome at Samar's place. Manno Bhabhi urges Pia not to let suspicions get the better of her just when she is going to start life afresh. Pia assures Abhi that she believes he can never do something so despicable. When everyone returns home, Saloni again tries to convince them that Sridhar is not the culprit but Abhi is. Brijesh tells Nahar that Saloni has begun to imagine things of late! Later, Nahar tells Saloni that he is in a dilemma and does not know whom to believe.

Saat Phere

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